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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Ted Leo + Pharmacists

The Touch and Go Records website lists Ted Leo as playing the festival.

Kick ass.

Now it's time for a little Wilco announcement action.
Bad freakin ass. Hopefully he plays a Rush cover.
is the neko case confirmation true?
well, neko case is in new pornographers, and they're confirmed...so kind of, at least.
but isn't neko just solo now?
I don't think Neko's just solo now, though she has been concentrating on promoting her solo album recently, and not touring with New Pornos. I think she's still a member of NP in one form or another. My guess is, if she does ACL, she does both a solo set and NP set.
Am I confused or did the website list 5/11 as the line up announcement date for a long time, before it was discreetly removed?
To answer both questions: 1) Neko played with NP at SXSW so I'd say 99% chance you'll see her solo and play with them. And yes, the date was on the site but "got disappeared". For some reason we all had to learn about the 18th from the Statesman and not the source.
The Entire ACL lineup -mf
here is the full list

pollstar now lists guy clark.

Now, it is time to rock
kinda lame lineup there...
yeah not the best lineup ever but at least our man acl2006rumors got props!

why cant he name the other 50
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