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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


the line up video

the line up video that is on the festival's website lists the Editors and Ray Lamontagne, but they re not on the printed list. Anyone notice anyone else?

Their email says Ray also... so i'm sure he's there
Someone in the other thread thought maybe the video was made and then Editors dropped out for some reason. Sounds like a reasonable explanation as much as it sucks.
ray has been on the official site for several hours now.
yeah they fixed the ray problem..he will definitely be there. the editors are no longer playing at the fest. check out the new ACL message board - they keep you updated on all of this info.
And the confirmed blog list here has Bob Schneider and Jason Boland but don't see them on the official line-up. I checked with the ACL message board and they said they aren't playing...??
the moderator is deleting all the posts on the official forum that mention anything negative about the line-up...

i already paid for my ticket, but i guess that price didn't include the right to be disappointed when the lineup turns out to be shit
The line up isn't shit. I'm actually very excited about this year. True, it does lack some of the bigger names I would have liked to see, but it has plenty of awesome smaller bands to make up for it.

Nonetheless, it's not right to delete your opinion just because it doesn't agree with mine. Last thing we need is a bunch on Nazi's running around censoring people.
Yeah, one of the admins told everyone that they were deleted threads because they were 'redundent'.

...yeah. It's a forum. The un-important threads will pass. You don't just delete people's posts out of the blue. That's incredibly rude.It's someone's opinion-I don't disregard peoples thoughts just because i've heard them before.

Not to mention they just happened to be all of the negative posts that were deleted.

from the admin himself via pm:

I wont tolerate continued negativity. This board is for folks excited about the fest, looking to meet some new people, talk about music, and overall... who want to be a happy part of this community. I hope you can continue to be a part of our board.
This isnt related to the post...but on the page where they list the bands, theres that butterfly, which seems as if it is a link, but im unable to click on it? any thoughts?
that's one scary butterfly
at first i thought that if you click it, it flaps its wings, but even when you dont click it it flaps it wings....?
Hey guys I don't know if you have notice yet but they took damien rice off the list so it looks like he is not even going anymore I hope that this is a default because then this will ruin my will to want to go to the festival all three days this year!!1
They just announced that Damien Rice won't be there after all. bummer...
but Muse has replaced Damien Rice on the lineup!! Yay!
but Muse has replaced Damien Rice on the lineup!! Yay!
Wow, no Damien or Editors? That sucks.

Count me as one of many disappointed by the lineup. I went in 2004 and thought it was the single greatest music event I've ever been to (and I've been going to religiously concerts for 15 years).

My reaction to the announcement of this year's full lineup was to buy a Lollapalooza ticket and switch my hotel/plane reservations from Austin to Chicago.

See ya at SXSW..
I am kind of pissed at the schedule that came out because many of the bands I wanted to see are playing at the same time or part of their sets are overlapping. Why can't they ever schedule the bands better?
Did anyone notice that TV on the Radio was added...That's pretty frickin' awesome, besides that fact that they're scheduled a half hour before the Shins.
So, did this blog just die, or what?
LIVE webcasts from Austin City Limits are being offered in the AT&T blue room. Anyone with internet access can see the show!

The direct viewing link is: http://blueroom.att.com/events/acl.php

Here's the confirmed schedule and line-up to date. (ALL TIMES ARE CDT and subject to change.)

Friday, Sept. 15th
- Thievery Corporation (6:30-7:30 pm)
- John Mayer (8:15-9:15 pm)

Saturday, Sept. 16th
- Ben Kweller (2:30-3:30)
- Los Lobos (4:30-5:30)
- Aimee Mann (5:30-6:30)
- String Cheese Incident (6:30-7:30)

Sunday, Sept. 17th
- KT Tunstall (2:30-3:30)
- Jack Ingram (3:30-4:30)
- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (8:30-10:00)

Check it out!

- On behalf of AT&T
I hope you do this site again for 2007! It was a great way to get excited for ACL all year long!
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