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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Line Up Leak...

My old pal, Robert Wilonsky scooped me. On the Dallas Observer's blog he leaked a ton of acts that are playing the festival. From the man himself:

In order of, well, importance (in my crowded head, anyway), here goes: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Van Morrison,
Willie Nelson, Massive Attack, String Cheese Incident, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, the Flaming Lips, Jose Gonzales, John Mayer, the Raconteurs, the Shins, Ween, Los Lonely Boys, Gnarls Barkley, Cat Power and the Memphis Rhythm Band, Secret Machines, Gomez, Kathleen Edwards, Wolf Parade, Jack Ingram, Sparklehorse, Thievery Corporation, Ben Kweller, G. Love and Special Sauce, Matisyahu, Damien Rice, Kings of Leon, Iron & Wine, Kasey Chambers, Aimee Mann, Nickel Creek, Damian Marley, Calexico, the New Pornographers, Son Volt, Guster, Galactic, KT Tunstall, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Centro-matic, Marah, Nada Surf, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness…, Okkervil River, the Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky, Sara Hickman, Trish Murphy, Asleep at the Wheel and about 50 others acts (among them the South Austin Jug Band and the Palm Elementary School Choir) who’re there to fill space and kill time while you’re reloading your one-hitter.

I can only assume he snuck a peak at the ACL Fest Ad that will hit all of the major weekly rags on Thursday.
Thanks for the shout out, Bob.

I think the line up is strong as all get out, but Im sure a lot of people will hate it so...

Let the bitching begin...

yay! one band i want to see that i haven't already seen!! fuck acl!!!
whatever, i am super excited!! cat power! feist! Stars! ahhhh
Hmmm. Interesting.

Well... yeah. I guess it... ehh. Well I bought my tickets already. I guess it's going to be pretty neat.
Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, the Flaming Lips, the Raconteurs, Ween, Son Volt, Galactic, the Black Angels...

great news about these guys... the rest are mostly 'meh'
No bitching here - I literally cannot wait until the Festival!
When will they post it on the ACL website?
I literally can wait.
Bonaroo bitch slapped us this year.
Feist? I didn't see her anywhere...is she playing? That will rock my world...but even if she isn't I'm excited.
Flaming Lips, New Pornographers, Gnarls Barkley, Wolf Parade, and what else??

4 decent bands, what a shit ass lineup...
"Line Up Weak..."
hate it.
yeah, it does kind of suck
Coachella = Tool
Bonaroo = Radiohead
Lolla = RHCP
Us = Van Morrison?!??!?

We got hosed...we got hosed.
Man, it really sucks that corporate rock band X (Fill in the blank here with your favorite shitty band) can't make it to headline ACL. I'm going to totally miss all those assholes who won't be buying a ticket now. Whatever! This lineup is incredible!
It is tough taking a chance and planning to go to a festival and finding out the lineup is pretty terrible. So many random acts. Van Morrison makes sense seeing as though he just released a country album but he has like 5 hits. Pretty weak. I would think ACL fest would try and uphold its title as best music festival of the year. oh well.
for those in question of feist playing here is a quote from the dallas observer:

"While some of the folks were confirmed long ago–Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Flaming Lips, Ben Harper and the the Innocent Criminals, Willie Nelson–there are plenty of surprises on the list, among them Van Morrison, Jack White’s new band the Raconteurs, hipster hip-hopsters Gnarls Barkley, Canadian bedroom-popsters Feist and Stars, Dallas ex-pats Secret Machines and Ben Kweller and the Rocket Summer and El Lay songstress Aimee Mann."
I think the lineup is just as good as last year....Gomez, Kings of Leon, The Secret machines, and The raconteurs....People go listen
Coachella = Tool
Bonaroo = Radiohead
Lolla = RHCP
Us = Van Morrison?!??!?

I kind of agree with the person that posted this. I think the other festivals have better lists of bands than we do- but maybe somehow the shows this year will be better than they sound. Trying to be optimistic if you can't tell....
Powerful Zeus, thank you for answering me!!!! This line up is extraordinary! But then again, I don't listen to the radio and avoid MTV and VH1 like the plague. So these bands are right up my alley. I love ACL because the line up is never too mainstream and they always manage to get some great indie acts! I've see 75% of these bands live and it is going to be spectacular. For those of you who haven't heard of most of these guys... You've been missing out.
you are all nuts...the lineup would have been a disappointment for you the second it didnt have Radiohead or Pearl Jam...

The lineup rocks, the best part is the lack of repeats from last year...
This lineup is pretty frikkin whack. Hopefully there are other things to do in austin during all these crap performances!!
It's amazing how many posers come out of the woodwork to complain when the line up doesn't turn out to be bunch of corporate, one-hit, BS, "MTV You Here It First" bands. I think this line up REALLY represents Texas and especially Austin. It shows originality and a true melting pot of talent. This proves that ACL hasn't completely sold out.
I'd take Ween and the Flaming Lips over Pearl Jam anyday!
hey dumbfucks, the lineup is strong now, with another 80 acts tomorrow. quit complaining. the blog has it right - it's a great lineup
Black Angels, Okkervil River, Ted Leo Rx, New Pornographers, Iron + Wine, Wolf Parade, Cat Power, Gnarls, Shins, Ween, Thievery, Massive Attack = PWNAGE!!!

Can't Wait.
I have to admit the only thing that could make this years ACL Fest any better is if Canada's own, Mr. Gordon Lightfoot, is announced to headline. I mean this guys roots are on 6th street for Gods Sake. Can you even imagine a Willie Nelson, G. Lightfoot collabo, on that doomed ship, the Edmund Fitzgerald? Figers crossed. By the way, every take a trip on the coochachee?
Get a life you naysayers - if you don't like it, don't go.
Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, Gordon!!!!
yay for stars!!!
The Pony Man is my hero.
I second the Gordon Lightfoot request. He is one of the most prolific and underappreciated singer/songwriters ever. Bob Dylan thinks he is the best. Songs like Sundown, If you could read my mind, Carefree Highway, Pussywillows and Catlips. I can image all under the scorching Austin sun.
Should be a wild time!! Either way. How expensive are beers at zilker?
I remember them being about 15 dollars per stein.
No Stein's in Zilker? Definitely not for 15???!!
beers aren't that bad.
like 4 bucks a piece.
Yeah 4 is not bad at all. The days will be long indeed...
4 Bucks? All beers at Zilker are sold in large hookem horns Steins. You are definietly getting your money's worth. I still have my stein from a few years back.
I think that lineup, so far, is amazing. Van Morrison alone would sell me, but adding all the other incredible acts like Tom Petty, Willie Nelson,Aimee Mann,and Damien Rice makes this year even better than the past ones...now if Patty Griffin and Shawn Colvin would just show up again....
beers at acl fest have always been sold in cans.
download some kings of leon tracks, and get excited.
RHCP has shat the bed since 1999 anyway.
so has tool.
ehh maybe massive, thievery corp, cat power, aimee mann...

tom petty, van morrison, willie nelson=whatever
It seems like ACL has decided to go more with "older" bands/groups this year, perhaps to satisfy the older demographic which seems to turn out for this festival. Oh well, still plenty of great bands...
hahaha, saying that i'm disappointed because there's no mainstream acts? are you out of your fucking minds? i've been to every acl fest and have only watched one headliner, the pixies. i'm mad because of the lack of exciting indie bands.

there are some good bands, but nothing too unexpected. wolf parade is the only good one i haven't seen before.
line up is super weak this year compared to past years! willie nelson?? c'mon, he plays every 30 minutes in austin. at least i got my tix for $35, because i wouldn't pay a penny over that this year.
Can't wait... THANK GOD there wasn't some kiddie headliner to bring in the teens all day Sunday... Morrison will be great, just saw his show in Dallas and it was strong. Petty is one of the best acts I've ever seen... Guster... makes a Boston girl happy! Willie... I've been waiting and waiting to see him!

Now just bring on 3 days of 80 degree, rain free, wind free weather!
we know of like 75 of the 130 bands.

chill out.
good to see another bostonian making a pilgrimage to austin.
Beers at acl last year were 3 dollars and included lone star heinekin,and amstel light,plus you can get a whole bottle of merlot for like 20 bucks.I think if you bitch about this lineup your taste in music should be questioned. Some of the acts I saw on peoples wish lists explain why theres so much griping,I saw steely dan,tool,green day,disturbed on peoples lists,come on thats not acl THIS is acl and we don't even have ALL the big names yet,clean out your crap from your cd binder get some new music and don't blame us cos we have TASTE!!!!
buddy, you're a fucking moron. steely dan, tool, green day, and disturbed are all shit, yes. but this list is highly unimpressive. very predictable.

if this represents austin, where are voxtrot and the weird weeds, among others. if we're getting montreal acts like feist, wolf parade, stars, why not the lovely feathers or think about life? feist and stars have been through austin multiple times, and i've seen them enough. also, acl needs beirut.
Lets not forget that booking is dependent on whos currently touring if their not touring they won't be there.
Petty, Van Morrison, Willie those guys are there to headline while I sneak out early and not have to deal with traffic. It's genius.

The lineup is solid and will be solid when the rest are added. If you don't like it don't go that just means I'll have less of a crowd to deal with.
Solid and absolutely awesome lineup. And I agree, thank God there are not any kiddie bands. I would probably shoot myself if Green Day headlined. Last thing we need is a bunch of little emo-punk wannabe snots running around.
whether charles attal intended so or not, sort of seems like more of a traditional "austin city limits"-type line-up than last year.
Donavon Frankenreiter has been confirmed
Hey just wondering...since the New Pornographers are playing, does this mean that Neko Case might perform a solo slot, I mean she does have an album to promote that came out THIS YEAR
maybe, but it would be better if destroyer played though since she has played at least three shows in austin the past frew months. who knows if she or dan will even be there.
Neko Case tours on her own and her performances with the New Pornos are few and far-between lately.
Wolf Parade,Explosions, Okkervil River, Centro-matic,Secret Machines, Iron & Wine, Shins...

Pretty good lineup, but wheres Midlake and The Rapture?!?!?


also I'd like a side order of Lovely Feathers & Destroyer.
i can only count about 10 bands that i have any interest what so ever in seeing. last year there were at least double that. it's not that the lineup, or what we know thus far, is bad, just less impressive than i expected it to be...

bring back the black keys!
I buy the argument that the festival is digging back a little bit into its roots in terms of featuring more "Americana"-type artists, rather than large corporate institutions, but I'm still slightly disappointed at the slack they show Latino artists. I'm aware that they're thrown a bone once in a while (Los Lonely Boys, Cafe Tacuba, etc.), but the TV show has been a little more diverse over the past decade, so why not the festival?? There are tons of Latin "artists" (not pop stars) who could easily help the festival grow in terms of status, and since its in Texas, we could get the cream of the crop easily. I mean seriously, how many marginal acts could be replaced by credible Latin musicians? Just a suggestion...
I would have to say that the CSE guys did a much better job with Lolla. I'm hoping we get some more solid local flavor once the full line up is release. Soundteam, Toadies or Burden Brother, and Blue October would be some good editions All three are playing at Lolla, if they didn't play at ACL it would be kind of crappy. While I like a lot of these names, I was hoping this festival would be as impressive as Bonnaroo or Lolla. I love seeing the awe on people's faces when i tell them the bands I saw at ACL. I don't know if I'll be able to do that this year.
Jack Johnson? Sheryl?

for the person that said they could only get people who are tour I think you may be slightly mistaken. Please remember that CSE got Steve Miller Band to play for Lance's celebration a few years back, ACL is just a big a deal to some of these performers if not more so, and people will come out of the closet to play it. Is willie touring this summer?
yeah I really wanted to see los aterciopelados last year and Id be so happy if cafe tacuba came back
tom petty: meh
van morrison: meh
willie nelson: meh
massive attack: blah
string cheese incident: blah
ben harper: blah
flaming lips: seen
jose gonzalex: seen
john mayer: absolutely terrible
the raconteurs: meh
the shins: seen
ween: seen
los lonely boys: blah
gnarls barkley: meh
cat power: seen
secret machines: blah, seen
gomez: meh
kathleen edwards: don't know, don't care
wolf parade: good, haven't seen
jack ingram: blah
sparklehorse: good, haven't seen
thievery corporation: blah
ben kweller: seen
g love: blah
matisyahu: seen
damien rice: meh
kings of leon: blah
iron and wine: seen
kasey chambers: don't know, don't care
aimee mann: blah
nickel creek: blah
damian marley: blah
calexico: seen
new pornographers: seen
son volt: meh
guster: meh
galactic: blah
kt tunstall: blah
tl/rx: seen
centro-matic: seen
marah: meh
nada surf: seen
ilybicd: seen
okkervil river: seen
black angels: seen
explosions in the sky: seen
sara hickman: don't know, don't care
trish murphy: don't know, don't care
asleep at the wheel: blah
I prefer this to an MTV-infested lineup. No Death Cab For Cutie. No Coldplay. No Franz ferdinand. Fine with me. It'll keep all the lame trendies away.

I'm just disappointed we couldn't snag RHCP or Radiohead. I'm still hopeful for the Black keys though.
"Is willie touring this summer?
3:24 PM"

When is he not?

If anybody ever wants to know any acts schedule, go to www.pollstar.com.

Willie is on the road with John Fogerty part of the summer. Surprised John Fogerty is not on the bill. He also is doing a show at the Hollywood Bowl with Neko Case and Ryan Adams the weekend before ACL.
I really really want the black keys !!

But, Thievery Corperation may just be the greatest live band ever, so Im happy for that
The full lineup is up on the acl website... it's pretty average - not spectacular.
so by my count that's about 100 bands, leaving about 30 more to be named?
I think you are undercounting. It is less than 130.

They always add a few bands ACL and festivals like it. Also, a few bands are going to cancel at some point.

But, the total is closer to 120-124
"I prefer this to an MTV-infested lineup. No Death Cab For Cutie. No Coldplay. No Franz ferdinand. Fine with me. It'll keep all the lame trendies away.

I'm just disappointed we couldn't snag RHCP or Radiohead."

Are You Serious???
Read what you just wrote.
Official lineup is up at the official site RIGHT NOW. Maybe it's up early on accident or something, but it's there.
on the ACL site, the Editors are not listed. but on the video of the lineup on the site, it says THE EDITORS as one of the bands. so maybe they were gonna play (video made) and then not (therefore not on lineup list).

or in spite of having read the list like 4 times (still hoping for a nice surprise that just isn't there but for me Damien Rice makes it mostly worth it), i cannot find them on the list. :)
hmm, husky rescue, the long winters, and rocky votolato being added hasn't convinced me. i think i'll pass this year. maybe just buy a ticket for the day the new pornographers play and hope wolf parade and sparklehorse play aftershows.
Are Tom petty and Van Morrison the Headliners? Or are they waiting to release the headliners?
I bought tix and will be travelling a long way for this and was slightly underwhelmed. There are some good bands but would have liked to see Maximo Park, Hard Fi, Arctic Monkeys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Streets, Art Brut, etc.

I would love to see Editors in that line-up and not just in the video. Keeping fingers crossed for a few names to be dropped/added.
Who is the big headliner? Tom Petty? Willie? Van Morrison? Wow. They are really going after the geriatric crowd this year. Rock on old people, rock on. Too bad Kieth Richards fell out of that tree, I'm sure they wanted the Stones too. BOOOOOOOOO!
there are at least 5 bands i really want to see that ive never seen before...and many more that ive seen and really want to see again...

you whack-ass haters need not buy tickets...i wont miss you...
What a colossal disappointment.
they are going to be announcing like 60 more bands still i think someone bigger is going to be announced ( DMB) i am sure. i am at least hoping so !!i was hoping maybe more. or arcade fire would come :(
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