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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Its been Dead..

Not much at all over the past week.

Nickel Creek are on the pollstar page.

Austin360.com says the line up is pushed to the 18th, although we all knew that by now.

Ill see what else i can dig up this morning.

Ya, after all the excitement of the contest I feel a little empty without any new info...maybe I should get a life
How hard could it be for the ACL crew to list a bunch at a time with the message, more to be announced. I need something, it is difficult getting through the work day. I would have thought that the main ACL site would have been an announcement to say that they were postponing the lineup announcement another week..oh well
Bonnaroo lists bands over time and constantly add bands (some great some small) over time leading up to the show. Seems like a practice worth adopting for ACL Fest. I also noticed they neglect communicating changes to the lineup, for example when Beta Band broke up or Jimmy Cliff didn't show, they just disappear from the online schedules.
Wow that was a mess and I can't change it. To clarify, ACL fest doesn't notify when bands drop out or get replaced.
They did this last year with Sleater-Kinney and the Futureheads. Both bands I was really looking forward to seeing that just disappeared from the schedule.
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