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Thursday, May 11, 2006


5 more bands

The Yep Rock Records website confirms Marah is playing the festival and lists Calexico, Kings of Leon, Nada Surf and Phoenix as well.

Go Philly
Touch and Go website lists Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at ACL.
how much better did this festival just get?
a lot better, a LOT better.
just saw phoenix last night in NY, again, and they are going to rock ACL!
That just kicked the festival up about 10 notches...

Who cares about the headliner?
Kings Of Leon are confirmed on their website

Best act so far
"how much better did this festival just get?"

Soooo true. I was getting bummed coming to the sight and see Bob Schneider every day. Today I check it out and what do I see but Ted Leo and the Rx. Very exciting.
Where's the full lineup?

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This may be a silly question, but are they posting the final list online or sending it to the mailing list?
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