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Monday, May 01, 2006


4 Bands ACL Fest needs this year.

With big name rumors like Radiohead and Pearl Jam confirmed as not playing this years festival (and it looking less and less likely for DMB or a reunited Phish), I got to thinking about bands that need to be on this years roster. So here I go with, 4 bands that need to be on the list when ACL Fest releases the full roster, May 11th.

  1. The Raconteurs – How has Jack White gone this long without playing this festival? Now that the Flaming Lips have confirmed for this year, the #1 band that people tell me would “just make sense” is the White Stripes. But lets go one step further. I believe The Raconteurs have yet to play on US soil. Can you imagine the boost ACL Fest would get if it could sport the “first US festival appearance of The Raconteurs”? Seems like a match made in heaven.
  1. Outkast – Their film, Idlewild comes out at the end of August. As does their new album that serves as a soundtrack to the film. No tour dates yet. This would be another huge get for ACL.
  1. Bruce Springsteen – This tour he is on right now has to be amazing. He has put together an 18 piece band to tour for his new album of Pete Seeger songs and if the live show is half as great as the album, it is a must see.
  1. Dixie Chicks – This would be huge as well. New album soon. Somewhat of a coming out party after being so far from the radar for the past year. I am hard pressed to think of an artist or group from Texas that needs this festival more this year.
someone pointed out that the Raconteurs are playing Lollapalooza, so blah...
I still think they need to be there.
-- --

the Raconteurs are playing this summer at Lollapalooza but it would be sweet to have them at ACL I'm sure this is a likely canidate for a headlining spot at ACL this year.
The Recounters have played in New York I think...or have scheduled a date.
The Racounters (yeahh!!!)

But Outkast????
mmmmm no thanks...
Dixie Chicks and Outkast? That is NOT something ACL needs. AT ALL. Outkast I could live with...but the Dixie Chicks? No way.
Is any of this based on any rumors at all or just your personal wishlist?
well he did say "need to be" not "will be" on the ACL Festival list so im sure it is a wishlist.
And I think it is a really good one.
All bands would be within the general range of past ACL fest Bands and all would fit very well.
Dixie Chicks??? they do not need to be ACL
i thought about springsteen as well as long as he doesn't sit up there all "tom joad" style and rant and rave.
that list makes me want to boycott this board
Eventhough the lead singer is a complete ass; I've noticed that Bright Eyes seems to have an opening in September. Always liked Bright Eyes just wish that Conner wasn't such a drunken fool.
I totally agree with the Raconteurs idea, and there are several other bands playing at Lollapalooza that I'm hoping will hit ACL as well, including RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. (Isn't Ben Harper opening for them in the UK this summer???)
"Anonymous said...

that list makes me want to boycott this board"

Please Anonymous, don't stop reading my blog!
I don't think ACL needs any of those to be successful. They would be nice, but it's likely they'll come close to selling the thing out before they even announcing the lineup! This is a big beef I have this year - putting full-price tickets onsale before announcing the lineup. It's one thing to make fans take a leap of faith for $35. It's another for $115.
"But Outkast????
mmmmm no thanks..."

You must be kidding. Outkast is one of the greatest most influencial bands of our time.
when is the full line-up going to be announced??
Outkast would be incredible. I wish ACL booked more good hip hop. Like the Roots, for example. I've always thought they'd be a great fit.
The Roots played in 2004
The Raconteurs wouldn't headline, but are still a contender to play the fest.

Also, RHCP has already been ruled out by the festival.
yeah, roots already played.

and they put the full price tickets on sale before the line-up came out last year as well. but i think the tickets went up another $10 this year.
owner of blog: you are an idiot.
Umm Yeah, all the people you mentioned can stay at home for all I care. ACL needs Of Montreal! I saw them once already this year and I'm hooked.
I think my eyes just rolled out from their sockets, I'm typing blind now.
Just by luck I was able to type the verification word.

Dixie Chicks...
we might as well get Cher to join in.
Don't forget Elton John.
yah dude cher god i hope cher comes and bruce springsteen and dave matthews i love them like fat cock!
I have been to ACL fest all day, each day for the past two years, It's actually one of the main reasons I moved back to TX. I would love to see the Dixie Chicks and had thought of that as beening a great welcoming for their new tour following their new release. I don't blame them for not being ready to make nice. Natalie was a great surprise at the Tsunami Relief.
beening??? being..sorry it's late and my eyes are shot for the day...
If the Dixie Chicks are not a fit for the Austin City Limits festival, who is?

As much as we wished ACL was more like Coachella, Voodoo, Lollapalooza, or Bonnaroo. We can't forget the show that the festival is based on.

There is always going to be a place for country acts at the festival. The Dixie Chicks live in Austin, they are a part of the community and they have a huge following here.

I think it is a matter of when, not if.

If ACL had been around in the 90s, the Dixie Chicks would have probably played the festival a few times during the ascent to stardom.
Personally, I think all 4 acts are outstanding ACL choices. I think they all embody the spirit of the festival (I've been the past 2 years and already have my ticket for this year - blindly). Variety and surprises are very welcome here. Springsteen's new record is flat out amazing, from what I understand the Dixie Chicks and Outkast records will follow the same path. And the Raconteurs, we always need great new bands, a'la the Killers, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, etc to keep the mix flowing.

Super Duper.
raconteurs played a secret show at irving plaza in NY a few weeks ago. album still hasn't even been released but i'm sure they'll tour since brendan needs to taste some of jack's success and, imho, this is the best thing jack has ever done. album is off the hook!

always want white hot ascending bands like arcade fire, bloc party, etc...
The Roots played in '04? I wonder where I was. Probably waiting for the Pixies to start.
the roots played around 2 or 3pm sunday afternoon in 04 on the big stage on east end of the park. one of my favorite acl performances EVER.
horrible list

texas artist is represented already by los lonely boys

you have tom petty so bruce springsteen would be a reach

yes on the ranconteurs, i wouldnt be surprised to see them or artic monkeys

astounding no on the dixie chicks
ACL typically has lots of Texas artists. Why do you think there is a quota?

Besides Los Lonely Boys is rock, Dixie Chicks are country. The balance would between rock vs country vs blues vs singer songwiter vs gospel vs soul vs so and so forth. Not so much geography.

I don't see why people would care if the Dixie Chicks played. Chances are they are going to be at the other stage during their slot anyway.
if you dont like the dixie chicks, they could be a blessing. im sure they would draw a large crowd from some other stages, which is always nice.

i cant see outkast playing, but it would be fun if they did.
I have seen outkast play and it was nothing like I expected. They actually put on a musically unique performance
You guys don't want to see the Raconteurs live.

First, they're changing their name to the Saboteurs (legal issues).

Second, reports say they suck live. Seriously. Don't spend one of your "up and coming" spots on them.
What are the chances of TOOL showing up?
Raconteurs are only changing their name in one country because there is already a band with the same name there.
hey, Not A Hater...I agree with you 100%. I also bought my tickets "blindly". No matter who they have for the fest it will be way worth the price. ACL has the cheapest tickets, even at the $115 price range than any of the other large fests I've been to over the years. I would pay much more for the acts I've seen in the last two years at ACL. I don't want ACL to become like all the others though...it has it's Texas twist of diversity...that is what makes it special. You don't like one act, just go to another stage and see someone of a totally different genre.
Why not Bruce? I understand his band was joyous at NO Jazz Fest. His rumor boards are reporting he will tour with this band in Texas in September. He likes Austin, he's playing festivals, why not? Isn't ACL all about diversity anyway?
"Anonymous said...
Why not Bruce? I understand his band was joyous at NO Jazz Fest. His rumor boards are reporting he will tour with this band in Texas in September. He likes Austin, he's playing festivals, why not? Isn't ACL all about diversity anyway?
11:29 AM"

I am sure ACL would take Bruce if he was interested, available, and the price made sense.

I would not argue too hard on this blog and the forum. A certain percentage of the folks are only interesting in posting who they think sucks. And pretty much every one of the more established bands except Radiohead (and maybe Willie if he surfaces) has their haters. Rest assured, nobody who works for Charles Attal is paying attention to those types of comments. They know who they want and I am sure they will make good choices.

Obviously, ACL can't have everybody who has been speculated about, this festival ain't Live Aid or Woodstock.
Anonymous said...
First, they're changing their name to the Saboteurs (legal issues).
5:01 PM


The name change is only for Australia. I have no seen any evidence that the name change was anything more than something cheeky for those dates.

from RollingStone (I think).
members of the GREENHORNES, are being forced to change their name -- at
least Down Under. Just as they're readying to release their debut,
"Broken Boy Soldiers," on May 16th, the Raconteurs have discovered that an
Australian jazz group beat them to their moniker. On that continent, the
four-piece will hereby be known as the SABOTEURS. White says the new
name was selected "in the spirit of espionage and subversion."
... But no one likes the dixie chicks.
Hey, most people on here probably already have their tickets. You just can't lose. I'd love to see Bruce, but it just doesn't seem likely. But then, one never knows ... until next weeek.
I wouldn't say "no one likes the Dixies Chicks"...I love them and I am hoping that they play at ACL. Everyone cheered when Natalie came on stage at the Tsunami Relief. I have my fingers crossed for them.
I like the Dixie Chicks...therefore your premise that "no body like the Dixie Chicks" is wrong. If you don't like them (and they do end up at ACL) then bully for you...don't go.
if one shitty band kept me from going to acl fest, i would have already sold my ticket.

so bully.
Outkast would most definitely NOT be a good choice for ACL. Don't you remember the rap artist at ACL 2005 that had a whopping 50 people at his set? Yeah, they definitely don't fit the audience that attends ACL each year. And the Dixie Chicks went off the map in the late 90s so forget them too. Those aren't very good suggestions for ACL.
I don't agree with Outkast or the Dixie Chicks, but how about Audioslave? They've got a new album due later this year, and I think they'd be a great headliner.
what about gnarls barkley?
who was the rap act last year? because theres a difference a rap act that people know, and a rap act that only reaches a small audience.

i think outkast would be a good choice because they have a wide audience. people that dont usually like rap/hip-hop like outkast. 50cent would be a bad choice, not outkast.

but chances are they arent coming so it doesnt even really mater.
"Outkast would most definitely NOT be a good choice for ACL. Don't you remember the rap artist at ACL 2005 that had a whopping 50 people at his set? Yeah, they definitely don't fit the audience that attends ACL each year. And the Dixie Chicks went off the map in the late 90s so forget them too. Those aren't very good suggestions for ACL.

1:28 PM"

I assume the rap artist you are talking about is KJAE. Firstly, he played at noon on Friday when most people haven't even left work. Secondly, you want to compare KJAE (a fine local artist in his own right) to Outkast who are internationally known musicians/rappers? -tisk tisk-

I think the list is fine. I completely dislike the Dixie Chicks, but I think they'd be a great addition to the line-up. They do still have a great fan base, people would be attracted to see them and it's fits with the tradition of ACL.

As for rap not fitting ACL... for shame. I think it's a great idea to have all genres at the festival as long as the focus of the tradition of ACL is always there. For the record: The Roots played an amazing rap show back in '04 and there was a lot more that just "50 people" there.
Audioslave? Are you kidding me??! That would be horrific.
Audioslave is not a headliner
one of the main reasons i attend music festivals is to experience "happy surprises". who knows, man? the dixie chicks could be one, so could any other band mentioned. so i'm keeping an open mind here..
While I might not be interested in seeing the Raconteurs, I definitely appreciate your speculative post, Hansford.

I'd definitely try to check out the other 3 acts if they were to come to ACL'06.

Here are a few of my Wish List artists (just some of my favorite artists who I would love to see in such a grand forum as ACL fest, not necessarily who I think *might* be there):
1. Ozomatli - OMG, if you ever get a chance to see them live, RUN, don't walk!
2. Glen Phillips (even better fit now that he's signed to Lost Highway) and/or Toad The Wet Sprocket (apparently they've kissed and made up and are touring this summer)
3. Robbie Fulks
4. The Twilight Singers - apparently they had a good showing at SXSW, and they're about to kick off a tour to support their new album coming out next week... besides, this would be quite the grand gesture to indicate he's not bitter about getting whacked on the head in Austin all those years ago :-)
5. Rhett Miller/Old 97s (again)
6. Eels
7. Calexico (again)

Very pleased to see a few of my other faves are already on the list: Bob Schneider, Matt Nathanson, Guster, Flaming Lips...

Can't wait for the official line-up announcement!
Smashing Pumpkins reunion at ACL. That's what they need.
Dixie Chicks - why not? it's supposed to appeal to wider audience. Although, I'd rather see Patty Griffin.

Springsteen - yes please. His concert at London Hammersmith Apollo last Saturday has been posted on a blog site and is incredible.
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