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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Wait a day to post the contest answers?

What do ya'll think?
A ton of people are crying because i have been posting the contest answers.
Should I wait a day before letting the cat out of the bag?
I think that those that dont know it will find the answer somewhere, so it really shouldnt matter, but some people are having a hissy fit so...

Please leave your vote in the comments section or post about it on the forum.

don't let people's bitching stop you, you'd be a tool and that's not cool.

i didn't intend to rhyme that last part.
i think you should post the answers right away! i like being up to date w/ the new confirmed acts. i don't want to be a day behind! we come here b/c you have all the latest info. :) this site is great!
post them same day
I'd say wait a while. Or, if you feel like fucking about with HTML a bit, post the answer in the same font color as the page background so the people that want to know can highlight to and read it and those that don't can pass on by.
who wouldn't want to know?
post them as soon as you know. every band revealed is a nice shot of adrenaline for the day.
People who don't want to know shouldnt read this blog. End of it.
that's the only reason i come here
the reason not to post them is to increase the odds of winning for the rest of us who think we can do it on our own...

I'd vote for my own self interest & say wait a day
How about a jump or Spoiler tags that you have to highlight to find the answer? That way people could find out if they wanted to, but still come to the site. Only one has been nearly impossible to find anyway.
post em
If ACL or the promoters are asking you to stop, I would abide by their wishes.

Otherwise, keep posting.
Hell no, don't wait.
i think you should wait. the contests aren't as much fun knowing that anyone can just come here and get the answers.
if you wait, some other website is going to turn up that will post the answers right away, and when we find out about that one, no one will come to this one, since most of us have already bought tickets and just want to know who is performing!!
post it on the same day
Go for it! I wanna know right away...
Wait a day.
I agree that if people don't want to see your answer, they shouldn't visit this site. Are you sure that the answers are correct, though? Aside from the Shins, I haven't seen a "grackle" on any of the other bands' sites.
Assuming you have the time perhaps you or a reader could add an additional clue the same day.
yeah, im sure about the answers.
The grackles are only on the bands site for the day of the clue, thats why you dont see it on the son volt, ect.., web page.
i say do whatever you want unless the ACL people themselves ask you to stop. the clues (except for that one really hard one about TNP) are fairly fun to try and figure out. even though i know the answers might be here, i still "play along." and honestly, it doesn't matter if they are posted here or not as far as chances of winning. people can try to enter numerous times with different emails and other such ways. just cause an answer is here it's not like "boohoo now i don't win." c'mon it's a contest and all our chanches are slim, as there are many playing. (and much answer sharing, duh.)

i like this blog b/c it is one place to keep track of all the bands so far. and part of the fun right now is the rumors, and then the confirmations, and while it can be frustrating, at the same time it's more fun now than just having the lineup announced at once. what can i say? i like anticipation.

anyone who says you ruin the contest by posting the answer is nuts. should Google shut down for the day so no one can try to look up an answer? should friends not email each other for help? c'mon, this is ridiculous.

thanks for the site. i'll keep reading regardless. and i'll check daily after i try to find the answer on my own (and whether i do figure it out or not). :)
Post them post them post them. It's why I started coming to this blog and it's why I'll keep coming back. Each day I get to find out a new band and I don't have to waste a half hour searching google to do so. The answers are always going to be somewhere on the Web why shouldn't they be here too? I mean you're the "news and rumors" blog this seems to fall into that category. You're not the "day old news and rumors" blog
Post them the same day so you can assist those of us who are trivia challenged! If people don't want the answers, they shouldn't look! Or you could post the answer in the comments section.
wait a day. the answer is usually one moderately well thought out google search away anyways. i like the way people will search for a site that gives the answer, but won't bother to search the clue, are y'all that stupid and lazy?
I'd prefer if you wait a day, honestly. It's not that hard to look up the answers. Are some people so lazy that they can't look up the clue or wait a day to find out about an act that they won't be able to see for 5 months anyway?
Like critter said, people don't want other people to know the answers in order to increase their chances of winning and reward their effort put into it.

I vote to not necessarily put the answer up directly, but just post the confirmed band on the left as you are already doing. To be honest, this isn't the only website with answers to the scavenger hunt, I'm sure. Posting the confirmed band without the obvious answer will at least make people put forth SOME kind of effort.
please post the answer right away. you are doing a public service that i much appreciate. thanks.
Just wait a day man... if people can't figure these out on their own they they're a bunch of tools... besides, I wanna win damnit! haha
its your site, do whatever you want to do...if they dont want to know they answer they dont have to look at your site.

btw...great job! love the site!
people just don't get it. it's not that we don't want to 'see' the answers, we don't want all those tools out there getting freebie answers and then they get the damn free tickets when they should be going to me. sure, the answers will be somewhere online out there, but c'mon. just here 30 people posted so who knows how many come here for the cheap lazy way to get the answers and win my damn tickets. ESPECIALLY if they don't even know or like the band pisses me off even more. i better see my name winning one of these days. cuz if some tool who just comes here to get the answer and wins instead, grrrrrr!

it's those out there who don't know Ringo Starr's real name (or don't know how to use Google) who don't deserve to win free music fest tickets! just wait a day. what's the big deal? it's not really about them wanting to know sooo bad who's gonna play, then they can either wait a day or figure out the answers for their own damn selves. you're just hurting our chances of winning that much more. i mean, don't YOU want to be the one to win free tickets? it's just common sense.
Post those answers as soon as you figure them out! If you don't want to know, DONT READ A BLOG CALLED NEWS & RUMORS!
A lot of the people that I know have multiple e-mail addresses. I have one for school, one for work, and one for personal use. I can easily enter three times everyday. Point being, if this website tells the answer, then yes, more people will enter, but there are still a lot of people who are going to enter (and enter multiple times) and your chances of actually winning are still slim even if there is no post here
post them. its lame that people are crying about it. if they really dont wanna know, they dont need to look. its childish
I say let these lazy ppl figure the clues out on their own... post it the next day.
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