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Monday, April 17, 2006


TODAY'S CLUE April 17, 2006

This group's latest release cites drum licks copped from Detroit Rock City.

I have no idea, though I have yet to put any thought into it. Too busy at work.
If you figure it out, drop me a line.

its the new porngraphers.

how 'bout posting the showcasing bands the day after the contest rather than giving the answers away to all?

too afraid to post comments?
Thanks!! That was a horrible clue. I appreciate the help.
""Use It": Newman points out that drummer Dahle used beats from Iron Maiden, Kiss's "Detroit Rock City", and Zep's "Fool In The Rain" to create this "Frankenstein's monster". Lyric of the week:"

taken from an interview on http://www.trakmarx.com/2005_05/15_new_porno.htm regarding their latest album
Where's the grackle on the new pornographer's site? The damn thing is hiding...
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