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Monday, April 24, 2006


Pearl Jam out.

Tom from Austinist emailed me this morning to let me know that Pearl Jam has announced European dates that will keep them from playing the festival this year.

Tom also informs me that with Pearl Jam being a no go, he is casting his ballot for a certain purple-clad Minnesotian.

I have been figuring that ACL is going to get some sort of soul/R7B act (past examples, Solomon Burke, Al Green). Prince would be great.

It would be great for ACL, a major headliner that is not a repeat from recent editions of Bonnaroo or Coachella.

But, I am not going to get my hopes up.

give me sufjan ryan adams and wilco over prince
I wouldn't be particularly impressed with seeing Prince either, probably wouldn't even want to brave the crowd to see the performance.
I don't think there is any connection between booking Prince and people like Wilco, Ryan Adams, or Sufjan Stevens.

If those artists don't show up on the schedule. It won't be because somebody like Prince, George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, or Earth, Wind and Fire happen to be on the bill.
Ugh, I think Prince is a little to Pop for my ACL taste. Does Prince have a big following in Austin?
Prince would be cool, sorry but he would, although yeah that pushes the pop boundaries a bit.

Anyways, sorry to bother but any chance you can shed light on why he is rumoured to be playing? It'd be nice to know how serious Tom's suggestions are.
My guesses are just guesses - Pearl Jam seemed to be avoiding the south and had a schedule hole, so it looked reasonable.

Prince is also plotting a late summer, early fall US arena tour, so again, it's just a guess based on the big 'arena filling' names that will actually be on tour during that time.

Other candidates are Dave Matthews (ugh), Crosby Stills Nash & Young, and Radiohead.
Prince would be dynamic and has a following anywhere, really. Those of you have not seen him live and think he is "pop", you are in for a big surprise. He is an incredible live performer and could adjust his set to any crowd. Here's hoping
Thanks Tom, that's something I'd been trying to do too, I guess I just hadn't really been looking at Prince's tour schedule well enough.

DMB looks obvious though, but Radiohead is a long shot (said to be no by promoter Attal)
C'mon folks let's start a Clapton W/ Allman Bros. Band rumor and pray it comes true
Give me some good old Wolf Parade, CYHSY, and Sufjan!
Shoot me if DMB is on the bill
Prince would be awesome, as would Stevie Wonder.

It looks like DMB will be this years "Jam Band." How unfortunate, hes almost worse than Widespread Panic was last year.

I don't think ACL is worried about getting an arena filler. At the rate things are going this festival will sell out before the lineup is officially announced.
Why don't you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?
DMB would be great (except for the crowd he draws). Prince would be awesome. Clapton/Allman Bros. would be heaven. So stoked for this years festival
whoa, whoa.. Widespread Panic played a darn good show... The crowd went miles on... Dave Matthews, btw.. has a huge following.
news flash, dave matthews has a huge following.
you heard it here first!
CSN&Y just announced summer tour dates leading up to mid-september that don't include any texas shows yet.
who is csn&y
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

I agree, the schedule gets your mind thinking. In terms forecasting their probability of playing, I would put my money on CSN&Y rather than many of the other names being discussed (outside of Dave Matthews Band who is almost a sure thing).
Clapton would be a huge stretch, he's on a world tour until August 3rd, with the plans for it to be stretched into 2007.

The Allman Brothers, though, seem more likely, they're on tour, with dates scheduled until the first days of September, with no Texas dates on the map.
Neil Young and Crazy Horse: bad ass.

CSN&Y: Blech!
Maybe he'll make us pancakes after the festival????
jack ingram was added for sunday night according to pollstar
prince? seriously? i'll pass. this is turning into some top 40 festival. lame.

agreed- DMB has a HUGE following. at least his jams aren't 47 mins long like widespread's. boredom. i could take a nap and wake up and it'd still be the same lame song.
i would rather see prince than csny (seen them), neil young (seen), or god, please no no no no no even though i know it'll happen anyways, dmb and their following. if/when they confirm dmb i at least will know when i'm eating dinner or leaving early to go to magnolia's.

Prince would be great. beyond great. a wonderful freaky addition that would be even more perfect because it makes no sense. :) i just don't think he'd play ACL. and i think he would melt in the heat. but man would i love to see him on the lineup. "Black Sweat" over any jam band vertigo moment any day.
We need to stop battering each other/ ourselves around about prospectful performers when no one has any idea who is actually playing. The "there's a hole in the schedule, that person is probably playing" bit hasn't seemed to work very well so far, so everything is only speculation. There's no need to get all worked up. Y'all should just chill out until bands are confirmed, or the full line-up is released.
I'm with the guy who said Neil...because seriously, Sufjan>Neil? get outta here.
DMB is playing a show in Chicago on the 15th...hopefully they still make it to Austin!
I think that knocks them out of consideration. Funny, they could have announced the Chicago shows with the rest of the tour some time ago.

Chances are, they are going to do additional nights in Chicago.

I wonder if the delay was ACL related.
I think that John Fogerty is a good candidate. Possibly Willie Nelson as well, as they are touring together.
We dont need DMB to attract his frat boy following-- John Mayer is already taking care of that.
I hate the frat boy crowd, but they'll be there anyway, so bring on DMB!!!

give me clap your hands say yeah

and wolf parade

If Pearl Jam promises not to come, I'll buy tickets.
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