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Thursday, April 13, 2006


No taping this year?

Our reader, David S., sent this to me concerning taping at this year's festival:

Don't know if this is the kind of rumor you are looking for but they are not allowing audio taping this year. We (group of tapers) had audio taped 90% of all of the artists the last 3 years and posted them for free on the internet. A few little birdies working for the Festival have given us the eimpression that ACL will unfortunately be doing an Instant Live type of thing or selling performances after the fact. These recordings that they sell will be very substandard when compared to the recordings the tapers usually come up with in addition to being sold and not free.. We would love to have your support in helping us to petition the organizers to allow taping again as it benefits the consumers/attendees.

I hope this isn't true.

What a bunch of crap. I always go to the festival, get so fucked up, I don't remember it, and spend the rest of the years listening to tapes of the shows I went to. I guess this year I've gotta pay Charles Attal another pretty penny for that privilege.
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