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Friday, April 14, 2006


Friday notes...

Today's clue is up at the ACLFest site.
A member of this Texas group shares a name with Richard Starkey.

Los Lonely Boys is the answer.

Reader Bill E. dropped me an email to say that Asleep at the Wheel have confirmed on their website that they are playing the festival on the 15th.

more later?

Thanks for the help!

I appreciate this site, but I had no clue who the answer was to today's clue, thanks for the tips.

Keep up the good work.
On the ACL web site, I found this:

Click on "ACL Festival" in the menu at the top and select "Tickets." Near the bottom under Travel Packages, click the link "Get details at the ACL Concierge." On the right under SELECT PACKAGE BY: choose any accomodation or category. There is a picture of Coldplay with the caption: CATCH COLDPLAY IN THE ACT, AS THEY RETURN TO THIS YEAR'S FESTIVAL LINEUP.
Don't tell the answers till the day after, yo. You kill my chances at winning! Please & thank you.
Save the answers till the day after, for the rest of us who actually get the answers and are trying to win the tix.
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