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Friday, April 21, 2006


Clue for 4/21

This artist performed "Queen Bee" on an episode of Austin City Limits on PBS.

What is Taj Mahal's official website? I can't find it!
i cant either.
this is the best one i can find and there is no grackle.
I can't find the grackle either either, but it is the correct answer
It can't be- his tour says he's playing in MO during the festival.
;) what about Ben Harper?
Ben Harper played on that recording with Taj Mahal, but I can't find a grackle there either.
I can't find the grackle on either site and on the forum it says Ben Harper is correct
I'm sure it's Harper, I'm just guessing the grackle is delayed, it's happened each year. Harper has no dates the 16th or 17th.
I think Harper too. His "News" hasn't updated yet today- so maybe the grackle will be up when they do that (they seem to update every day).
where is that freakin grackle?
yeah its gotta be ben harper. i saw that coming, should be sweet. but im suprised since he did acl two years ago. they should try to keep the artists fresh.

ben harper is opening for the red hot chili peppers for two shows in the uk in july. maybe that means something.
I think that they are just trying to keep us in suspense
i'm with y'all on ben harper or taj, but where is the damn grackle?
Ok check out http://www.mainstreamunderground.com/acl_fest/

They have their "blurry picture" but they can't find the grackle either
go here and enter in Taj Mahal
Damien Marley is opening for Ben Harper in the timeframe leading up ACL, so he would probably play ACL also. Assuming Ben Harper is the answer.

The only reason so many people know the answer is that they can google the answer. What if ACL dug deep into the archives to see if somebody else played a song called "Queen Bee" during the many years ACL has been on the air? What if the answer to the question is not something you can easily search for?

I think it's Ben Harper, but don't be so sure until you see the Grackle. It makes sense, the last of the seven artists ought to be a big gun.
haha at the person trying to get people to enter a likely wrong answer.
Don't go straight to the link, wait until the Grackle surfaces.

They probably dedupe the list before picking a winner. You might get disqualified if you submit a wrong answer or submit twice.

Besides, it is all speculation right now until the grackle is spotted.
The link works and when I entered Ben Harper it says it is correct and enters you in the drawing.I doubt this will DQ anyone.
Cat Power? she sings a song called Queen Bee and she's been on ACL.
It never says correct, it just says "Thanks."
It seems like no matter what you enter at this link, you get the "YAY! You got it!" message.

That's right, It tells everybody they guessed right. I just typed in Madonna (somebody I know to be wrong) and a fake email and it said:

"You guessed it! This is one of the artists on the colossal 130-band lineup at this year's Austin City Limits Music Festival. Shhhhhhhh! It's a secret! Full lineup will be released May 11."
i found the answer by goign to the acl tv show site and searching queen bee. the wbesite lists everyone who has been on the show and every setlist. ben harper and taj mahal are the only ones to ever play that song. its ben harper, dont be silly.
Searching through the ACL archives shows that Taj Mahal played Queen Bee and Ben Harper played guitar with Taj... this was on a 1993 episode.
Holy crap, Madonna is playing the festival?! THat is AWEsum.
The Beatles are too! I put them in and it said I was right!
Links to the PBS site below, Taj Mahal has played the song on ACL at least twice, Ben Harper has his picture up and everything in the 1993 episode webpage.

So, sans Grackle, it could be either, however, other circumstances make me think Harper (more open schedule).


it's matisyahu! They used the same artist two days in a row! Totally unexpected! WOW
That's hilarious - the grackle is indeed at Matisyahu's site still!

"Queen Bee, yah mon!"
I found the grackle on the Austin City Limits music festival page, that could mean almost anything?
The grackle is on the Ben Harper site now.
The grackle is on Harper's site now.
the grackle is on harper's site now
It's Ben Harper the grackle just showed up
Hit the "show all headlines" link on the news page at the Ben Harper website. It showed up for me after that
ben harper it is.
it is up on Ben's website now
Our long national nightmare has ended...
The grackle is up on the Harper site now....must have been a delay.
I would put the grackel up first and then put the clue. I hope Ben Harper isn't one of the main headliners. It's not like I haven't seen Harper at ACL before. Guess that means that that spot is free for me to see someone else.
yee hah!!!
It's Ben Harper!!!
eww. noooo, why waste another big spot on this? its upsettign me.
I wonder if all these people who are getting so upset over the schedule have actually looked at the ACL schedule over the first four events.

ACL is not Coachella or Lollapalooza. It has it's own flavor. What has been revealed so far is totally in line with what you would expect, based on past ACLs.

I found this as his official site...Haven't found the grackle yet...
" http://www.tajblues.com/

I found this as his official site...Haven't found the grackle yet...

10:54 AM "

thats because you dont have the correct artist.
Yall crack me up. Do you really think they go through all of the probably thousands of submissions and check to see if one person has entered multiple answers. I think this whole thing might be a ploy to get more people on the email list unwillingly.
They don't really care who the computer spits out as the winner, so just throw your name in the barrel and hope that you have the right answer.

Also I think that Ben Harper is a great addition. There have been plenty of acts that have played at ACL more than one time and put on great shows. If you're looking for "new bands" every year be my guest and go hang out at the fast paced world of SXSW. I for one am looking forward to seeing bands like Coldplay and (hopefully) Blue October and Soundteam at ACL for the second time in row. If you don't want to go see them because they're not ACL "First Timers" I hope you DON'T. Please just head for the exit early. It just leaves more room for me to dance.
blue october is god awful. for the record.
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