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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Clue for 4/19

This UK singer's birth roots are a mix of Chinese, Scottish, and Irish.


KT Tunstall
How can we click on a grackle if there isn't one?
i was wondering the same thing.

maybe it's an invisible grackle.
the kind that hides in the trees and then poops on my car.
http://www.kttunstall.com/ upper left corner. Or you can go directly to http://www.aclfestival.com/scavengeranswers/ and skip that step altogether
no - it just won't appear in my Firefox! I see it in IE.
it didnt work in firefox for me either.
IE was fine though...
This one was so easy to find. I think that the clues are getting easier. And I had a problem on Monday not being able to click on the grackle.
My vote would be to wait a day. I have not found any that I could not resolve with a diligent searach through Google.
seriously do any of you all want to win, dont post the awnsers. there is nothing wrong with posting a day late, your e-penis isnt going to be any bigger...
usually you can take part of the clue and google it and it gives you the answer anyway- that's why i haven't been putting the answer in the posts- come on a little work never hurt anyone
if it is so easy to find the answers, why does it matter if they are just posted here? it takes the same amount of time.
Now I feel bad about complaining about the answer giveaways. after finding her website, sans grackle I was going crazy trying to think of whom else it could be. It never crossed my mind that her site was Firefox incompatible.
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