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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Another Big Name Rumor

I just got an email from a friend who is usually pretty reliable saying that the Dave Matthews Band, Robert Randolph and the Drive By Truckers (who are all on a package tour together this summer) will be playing ACL Fest.

Like I said, the source is pretty reliable, but until I see something in stone lets think of this as RUMOR at best.

Still trying to find info on this, but I do see that DMB and Randolph are on tour around the time of ACL fest and there is nothing scheduled the weekend of ACL.
The Turckers are not on that tour as far as I can tell, so I do not know where that came from.

I hate DMB and they would take the spot of another major potential headliner. Then again they always have at least one or two jam bands...DBT and RR sound great though
DMBs tour schedule (shows in Denver and Virginia, big open weekend in between) and the lack of the traditional Central Texas date has made this one almost forgone conclusion.
I wonder if DMB will play two sets on a Saturday or Friday or whether they will be the final headliner and play the traditional solo Sunday slot.

My bet is Saturday, two sets, like Widespread Panic and Trey Anastasio the past few years.
i also know for sure they are playing and pretty sure about red hot chili peppers . so thos whining about dave beeing there can be happy the peppers are probably going to be there! ilove dave
They're all coming to the Backyard 4th of July Weekend...do we think they'll all come back so soon? Robert Randolph would be cool though...
OK not all are coming to Backyard...not DMB, oh I hope they don't replace a good two-set jam band with DMB!!!
they're not on tour as a package, but RR and DBT are opening for DMB at different cities....
You've got your tours mixed up. RR is touring with DBT and Black Crowes for the first part of the summer, then joining DMB. The Truckers arent part of the DMB tour. I'd be surprised to see DMB added but RR and DBT are playing everywhere this summer so those two wouldnt surprise me.
DMB is yesterday's news...

Huge step back for ACL IMO.
yeah, because Oasis and The Black Crows are so relevant anymore...
There are 130 or so bands, should be plenty to keep everybody happy. At best, anyone person can only see 30 or so bands, I just don't how people can get too pissy when they see an act that does not meet their tastes.

Having a few acts who can fill arenas on their own is good thing. It helps with prestige and it helps draw future bands to the Fest.

It is not like you can't see other concerts the other 362 days of the year. Part of the fun of ACL is seeing acts that you would not see on your own.
Yeah, DMB isn't my cup of tea but I am sure there will be a band that I do like better playing the opposite stage at the same time.
Are y'all seriously bitching about the possibility of Dave coming? DMB would be PERFECT for ACL, not to mention when RR and DMB played together at Bonnaroo and rocked.

Stop whining- there will be plenty of crunchy jam bands for everyone to enjoy.
you're never gonna guess this. but i heard from charles attal himself that pink floyd is reuniting for ACL 2006!!!! Gilmour and Roger Waters must have worked it out, cuz its gonna be a helluva show! believe it!
ugh not dmb... we get them enough.
DMB hasn't played a two-set show in years. For a good point of reference, when they played Bonnaroo, they played one long set, like always, even though most other headliners play two sets. So, while they may play Friday or Saturday, it is very doubtful they'll play two sets.
I think the reasoning behind a two-set thing is because sets at ACL are an hour and a half long, wheras DMB performs for 3+ hours every time. Although I suspect they could change, just thinking that's probably the idea behind two sets.
The idea behind the two sets is that jam bands usually play for that long. Its not because they necessarily want to highlight the main act- I mean come on, what else was Coldplay going to play?

Most of us know several songs that are 15 or 20 minutes long, alone. The Grateful Dead used to play 45 minute songs (Dark Star for example.)

Nevertheless, we do have to accept the fact that some of these big rumors will turn out to be false:

-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
-Dave Matthews Band
-Pink Floyd
-Robert Randolph

all in one show?

to me, it sounds like a lot of people are getting their hopes up...

But hey! I heard from a VERY reliable source that Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, and Elvis are going to play a set together!!!

I swear this is true!!!

instead of trying to guess, we should just wait and be surprised...
Take it for what its worth, people:

JOHN MAYER listed on Pollstar as a confirmed act for Friday...
floyd.... ha ha
DMB would have been good circa 1998. In general, the band they were prior to Everyday.

Besides, a festival really isn't the place to see a jam band. They don't get the time they require.
This comes from the Pink Floyd website:

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright are joined by Roger Waters in categorically stating that there is no truth in the recent news reports about a Pink Floyd tour planned for this Autumn. David Gilmour:

“Since Live 8 there are certain sections of the media that have deliberately misled fans and public by inventing stories and quotes about Pink Floyd touring: Nick, Richard, Roger and I are telling fans directly that this is not happening. We are also asking the various parties who are fabricating these stories to desist, if only for the sake of the fans.”
DMB would be huge. all you indie too cool for austin fans can just go to another stage. this is my favorite band and i've been following them since 96 so i'm totally jazzed.
If you like RR... how do you not like DMB!?!?
DMB is out probably.

This is from the Warehouse:
"We are pleased to announce that Dave Matthews Band will be performing at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, IL on Friday, September 15, 2006. The legendary George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will open the show."
Good job Adam. I was just about to put that on there about Chicago. For those of you who don't think DMB would be adequate enough...Just keep these things in mind: They're the #3 Top grossing act in the past 10 years behind N'Sync and Backstreet Boys. That's saying a lot considering those stupid asses aren't around anymore. DMB still sells out just about every venue they play at. DMB's always in the top list of bands who gross the most money every year up there with U2, Paul McCartney, Prince, Coldplay, etc. Also, every one of their studio albums has gone platinum. Hmm...so they MIGHT (sarcasm) be worthy of ACL Fest...just maybe (more sarcasm). DMB would be great for ACL Fest period.

If you visit the website you'll find the openers for DMB, and they're not all "packaged" up like the guy who wrote this post and the others say. OAR's opening during the Texas (mid August)run and around the time of ACL Fest Robert Randolph and the Family Band is closing the last week or two of the DMB tour. If the guys come they'll close out the Festival on Sunday, and If Tom Petty's doing that, then I seriously doubt DMB will come down from Chicago to play Saturday night. As you can see, I'm a DMB fan who actually follows up with everything they do unlike some other fans of other bands who know songs on their albums by "Oh...I like number 3 on the new Death Cab Album." Death Cab does rock and so does Summer Skin on plans. Peace y'all.
I'm the DMB fan who wrote the last one. Although I'm still hopeful that DMB will play Saturday or Sunday night I'm not as hopeful as I was before they announced the Chicago date. There were no Chicago tour dates before this announcement so I wouldn't be suprised if a night 2 got added in Chicago. If not I've still got my fingers crossed for DMB to close ACL or to close Saturday night. So if they come to Austin don't say "I told you so you stupid ass DMB fan" I'm already aware.
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