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Thursday, April 13, 2006


ACL Fest Contest

from ACLFest.com:

2006 Festival Lineup Scavenger Hunt
Find lineup leakage and win stuff! Just get your brain on and look for the Grackle.
Here is what you do:
Visit this website each business day between April 13 and April 21. The daily artist clue will be posted at 9:30am (CST) each morning.
Think, ponder, google, and then go searching on official artist web sites for our official spokesbird, the Zilker Park Grackle. You will know you have solved the clue when you find the Grackle image on an artist's website.
Click the Grackle and complete the submission.
You are officially entered to win a daily prize of two 3-day passes to this year's ACL Festival.
The Grand Prize: entrants who discover all 7 artists and complete the contest entry will have a chance to win VIP passes. No lie!
Good luck!

Today's clue is:
The driving force behind this act began his career in a band that shared half of its name with the birthplace of a famous fried-peanut-butter-sandwich-eater.

Obviously an easy one. A band that I listed on here weeks ago.

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