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Friday, April 28, 2006


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The Austin Chronicle confirms that Centro-matic and The Black Angels are playing this years festival.

Nice. Just bought the new Black Angels album. Really great stuff.
Guster at ACL???
Yeah. My friend runs their merch site and emailed me the other day that they're going to be there.
i freakin love Guster. That would be awesome!!!
guster will be touring in august with ray lamontagne, i wonder if he will be at acl as well?
I sure hope so. He is mindmeltingly good live!
i like the rumor that DMB will not be at acl becase they're in chicago and that, instead, the saturday night jam band slots will be filled by a phish reunion.
This is AWESOME news. Guster is amazing
i bet all these dmb haters have never even seen them live before. dont believe what you hear on mtv or from a couple radio songs. stop the hating
sorry for impression the above comment was DMB hating. didnt mean that. i actually really like DMB live. it's just a phish reunion would be even more exciting at this point in time. but i'll be very happy in sept to be sitting back in zilker park watching either (or both)!
its all good. It would be pretty chill either way. The festival is looking pretty sweet at this point.
Wow, both bands are amazing, this festival is looking good.
the black angels are really good. i'm excited!
Phish?? Give me a second to puke.......Okay, I'm back. I hope to God they don't waste ACL time by having Phish play, jeez.
i would LOVE aphish reunion but a rumor that i heard said they would be having a reunion this year but its on haloween in philly!! i dont know if acl could afford them ya know?! I am the BIGGEST phish fam though so that would be awesome!!
Centro-matic is so Awesome, Will is the greatest song writer/singer... what a great live show~!
Holy SHIT The Black Angels are playing!! My day just got brighter!
The Black angels have gotten so big since I've first heard them... I'm so proud!... playing ACL!!
Guster?! I really hope this is true.
Did anyone else catch Will and Scott from Centro-Matic on stage with the Drive by Truckers on Saturday? It was awesome. Hopefully DBT confirm for ACL, so they can reprise the performance.
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